Chiang Mai 7 day Itinerary

  Many of our clients ask us how to organise their time in Chiang Mai, many want to combine sightseeing in the city with exploring the rural parts of northern Thailand, if you’re trying to plan a trip to Chiang Mai, here’s a sample Chiang Mai 7 day itinerary 7 Days Chiang Mai Itinerary DAYS […]


Should I visit a Long neck village?

  We often get asked this question here at Thailand Hilltribe Holidays. For some tourists the decision to visit the Long neck is a difficult one, and many are quick to decide against visiting, because they do not want to visit a human zoo, or because they have read that the girls are forced to wear […]

Visit Hill tribe villages – through Authentic & Responsible travel

There are many hill tribe village tours in Thailand, and it can be difficult for travelers to find a way to visit hill tribe villages authentically and responsibly. There are many villages inundated with groups of tourists that have disrupted village life, socially, economically and environmentally. This has mostly occurred with group package tours and treks, and […]

Visiting hill tribe villages – Do’s & Don’ts

Please follow these guidelines when visiting a hill tribe village in Thailand.  Note that every village is unique, but these are some basic rules to help ensure you don’t cause offense to anyone, and visit in a respectful and sustainable way Please take off your shoes before entering a house, temple or building Please do […]

Post travel tips

Have you enjoyed your travels with us? Would you like to stay engaged and give something back to the local communities after your trip? If so, here are some easy post-travel tips and things you can do once you’re back home. 1) Keep in touch Your homestay hosts and locals that you meet, will be […]

6 Top Authentic Thailand experiences, travellers miss

During your travels of Thailand, there’s an abundance of activities for you to get stuck into, from cooking classes,  to treks, to market and temple tours. However some of the most authentic experiences and best ways to learn about local life, aren’t offered by the mainstream tourist market, and easily missed by travellers.  But fear not, […]

Northern Thai Food – Top 5 Must Eats !

We’re all foodies here at Thailand Hilltribe Holidays, and local cuisine is an important part of our tours! So we’re lucky that northern Thailand is home to some of the most authentic and delicious Thai food.  We often stop at markets and roadside vendors, to let you try the seemingly weird but wonderful tasting local […]

8 Common Traveller misconceptions about northern Thailand

On our trips, we come across a lot of  misconceptions travellers have about northern Thailand. So we thought we’d set a few straight for you. 1)     If the *Karen long necks take off their rings they will die Many people believe that if the Karen long necks take off their rings they will […]

When is the best time to visit north Thailand ?

Visiting North Thailand This is a question we are often asked, so we’ll share the info with you and some pics to give you a visual idea. Winter (Nov-Feb) This is tourism high season and travellers visit at this time because of the all round pleasant and dry weather conditions.  Daytime temperatures are around 28-30 […]